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MODS Science Park Opens

For the Family, Community Event

Kids, school groups, and parents will enjoy the fresh air and safe surroundings of the Science Park as they continue their exploration of the Museum outdoors. Giant full-body exhibits will demonstrate key principles of physics and engineering while also providing entertainment and group interaction. Visitors will explore together and experiment with basic principles of the physical world and come to intuitive understanding of how they work. This green oasis in the center of the City of Fort Lauderdale will spark curiosity whether you are two or 82. The Museum of Discovery and Science is committed to enhancing the pipeline of today’s youth toward STEM knowledge and careers. The Science Park is a key element in this vision. Science Park Interactive Exhibits Ball Range - Bottle Rockets - Cool Fan - Giant Levers – Kaleidoscopes – Pulleys – Roller Coaster - Solar Tree - Sound Station - Sun Spotter - Tennis Ball Launcher – The Forest - Wheel Roll