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Sounds of the Times: John Adams and The Sounds of America


John Adams, today's contemporary American music icon returns to lead his own music, as well as that of a younger generation. Quietly heralding the evening’s start is Adams’ spatial fanfare Tromba lontana. Samuel Adams pushes to the extreme in his many words of love, finding inspiration in Schubert and Japanese pop. Hailed for his “playful intelligence and individuality,” Timo Andres creates a magical quest inspired by Beethoven in The Blind Banister, a finalist for the 2016 Pulitzer Prize performed by its dedicatee, pianist Jonathan Biss. David Lang offers a majestic homage to Copland and, in its East Coast premiere, Andres performs Ingram Marshall’s Flow, a spiritual ebb-and-flow peppered with references to his colleagues and friends.